Are you looking for the best recruiting conferences in the second half of 2020? Most events conferences changed their dates due to the recent pandemic-related lockdown. In this article, you will find an updated list of all the different events you are still able to visit.

Best recruiting conferences in Europe

The following events are great options if you are located or traveling to Europe.

1. RecFest One World 2020

best recruiting conferences, recfest 2020

Date: 10-11 September 2020

Location: London, UK

Ticket price: Starting from £200

Labeled as the biggest talent acquisition conference globally, RecFest is an event you don't want to miss. The 2-day event aims to educate and assist HR professionals in the development of their skills, all while building a powerful network. You can also visit the event's 5 stages where more than 100 speakers share their knowledge, and attend the RecFestRocks afterparty.

2. Sourcing Summit Europe 2020

sourcing summit europe 2020

Date: 7-8 October 2020

Location: Amsterdam, Holland

Ticket price: Starting from $495

Sourcing Summit is considered to be the best HR technology conference in europe. As the event claims, their speaker list includes “risk-takers, game changers, people finders, tool tinkerers and talent geeks” who all come together for two days of massive knowledge exchange. While at the event, you will learn more about sourcing by exploring the trends, challenges, and opportunities in talent acquisition. And if you can’t be physically present at the event itself, don’t worry. You can always buy an e-ticket to rewatch all the talks of the summit.

3. Unleash World by HRN

unleash world by hrn

Date: 20-21 October, 2020

Location: Paris, France

Ticket price: Starting from $1,395

The Unleash World Conference is the European sibling of the US-based Unleash America HR conference. The event focuses on HR tech and the future of HR workforce technologies. Past speakers include Arianna Huffington, Sir Richard Branson, and many more prominent experts in HR, recruitment, and business.

4. Tech Rec Berlin

Tech Rec Berlin

Date: 30 November - 1 December 2020

Location: Berlin, Germany

Ticket price: Starting from $2,695

If you are looking to visit one of the best recruiting conferences in 2020, then Tech Rec is certainly it. This event is mainly focused on the challenges of hiring tech and software talent.

More specifically, you will learn how to attract, recruit, and retain tech talent through practical applications, solving existing industry problems, know-hows, and uncommon practices.

Best HR events in USA

For those located in the US, there are several talent acquisition conferences in 2020 that you can still attend.

5. NAPS 2020

NAPS 2020

Date: 13-15 September 2020

Location: Henderson, Nevada

Ticket price: Starting from $650

Due to the recent lockdown caused by COVID-19, NAPS 2020 has changed its venue. However, it still is one of the best human resources conferences in America. The conference is a great educational opportunity for TA professionals who want to learn from the 400+ expert speakers and the event is expected to host more visitors than ever before.

6. I4CP Next Practises Now

I4CP Next Practises Now

Date: 17-20 September 2020

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Ticket price: $3,495 (non-members)

I4CP is a great opportunity for senior-level HR professionals and decision-makers from all tech-related industries. What we like most about this event is their “no vendors or consultants policy” which makes networking more valuable for all attending HR professionals. As a recruiter, you will learn how to drive market performance and discover effective ways to build hiring strategies for your organization. While it is somewhat pricey, it is one of the best HR conferences in 2020 located in Europe.

7. HR Technology Conference & Expo

HR Technology Conference & Expo

Date: 13-16 October 2020

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Ticket price: Starts from $1745 with discount options for students and academics

HR Tech exclusively focuses on emerging trends in human resource management and innovative solutions for HR professionals. featuring 100+ speakers with HR tech expertise. This conference is especially useful for organizations who are looking to upgrade their HR tech or want to know how to use their current systems in a better way.

8. HR Tech Connect East

HR Tech Connect East

Date: 8-10 November 2020

Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Ticket price: Invite only

HR Tech Connect is one of the most prestigious annual recruiting conferences. The organization pays for all the expenses but you will need to inquire to be considered as an attendee. The event includes panel discussions from top industry leaders, live demos with HR tools, and business-oriented presentations. This is certainly the most high-end option when it comes to networking opportunities in the recruiting space.

9. Talent 42

Talent 42

Date: 9-10 November 2020

Location: Seattle, Washington

Ticket Price: TBA (subscribe to stay informed)

This event is focused on the attraction, and recruitment of top tech talent and is most useful for tech companies. Topics of the conference include the application of storytelling for recruitment purposes, tapping into new talent pools, API use cases for sourcing, as well as contest-based interviewing. Talent42 is also very helpful for professionals who want to get a better understanding of tech recruiting trends and how these fluctuate depending on external situations (e.g. during a pandemic-related lockdown).

10. Recruitcon


Date: 10-11 November

Location: Kissimmee, Florida

Ticket price: $1,399 - $1,997

Known as "America's leading talent acquisition conference for employers," this event should be on your list. The conference is a great opportunity for networking and "upgrading" your hiring strategies, interactive workshops, as well as Q&A sessions. Some of the event's main highlights include speaking engagements focused on hiring processes and the empowerment of women in the HR-related positions.

11. Techserve Connect

Techserve Connect

Date: 10-12 November 2020

Location: Amelia Island, Florida

Ticket price: TBA

Techserve Connect brings a wealth of information on the future of HR during these uncertain times. The event mainly focuses on practices that help recruiters hire high-level tech professionals in today's candidate-driven market. Techserve further discusses the challenges of IT & engineering staffing firms and their teams, as well as the opportunities that arise through them.

12. TalentNet Interactive

TalentNet Interactive

Date: 20 November 2020

Location: Plano, Texas

Ticket price: Starts from $199

This 1-day event covers many different areas of HR, branding, social media recruiting options, as well as essential tools for talent acquisition managers. The event also goes into digital marketing tactics that can be used to further improve your chances of attracting top talent.

Best HR Conferences with virtual attendance

Due to the recent lockdown, many conferences moved their events on a virtual platform. Below, you will find events that you can join from anywhere.

13. Jobvite Recruiter Nation Live

Jobvite Recruiter Nation Live

Date: 8-9 July 2020

Ticket price: Starting from $200

RNL conference focuses on effective human resource management, talent attraction and employee engagement. The event's organizers recently released information with regards to their 2020 annual event, which will be hosted fully online. The main topics of discussion include undergraduate enrollment marketing, graduate and online enrollment, financial aid management, student success, and strategic enrollment planning.

14. EBrandCon


Date: 28-30 July 2020

Ticket price: Starts at $245 (early bird registration)

EBrandCon is the go-to virtual event for employer branding, candidate selection, HR-related technologies, and industry trends. The conference features digital workshops, case studies, forecasts, and strategies to elevate your branding. All presentations are recorded, which means that you will not miss out on any part of the event. Furthermore, the attendees will get the opportunity to network with others through the event's chat room.

15. ASHHRA20


Date: 24-25 August 2020

Ticket price: $450 for non-members

ASHHRA20 is a conference for healthcare HR professionals. The speaking engagements and panels focus on healthcare-related topics that you won't find in any other HR conference.

16. Leap Tech Talent

Leap Tech Talent

Date: 1-2 September 2020

Ticket price: $1,949 with optional discounts

Leap Tech Talent is one of the most prominent virtual conferences for leaders in HR professionals in tech-related businesses. The event offers 8 hours of speaking engagements from 38 experts, 3 hours of virtual networking, as well as a 4-hour Q&A panel to answer all your questions.

17. Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

Date: 5-6 October 2020

Ticket price: Starts at $695

How should talent acquisition professionals deal with the recent loss of more than 22 million jobs due to the lockdown? While some industries are in desperate need of employees, others are considering layoffs. This conference will help you better understand and navigate the confusing times we are going through by adjusting your strategy using timeless principles related to storytelling, branding, and more.

18. LinkedIn Talent Connect 2020

LinkedIn Talent Connect

Date: 14-16 October 2020

Ticket price: TBA

LinkedIn's Talent Connect is one of the most popular conferences worldwide. Last year alone, more than 4600 visitors attended the event's grounds, looking to make new connections. Due to the recent COVID-related events, the event will be hosted virtually and ticket pricing has not been announced yet.

19. Rally Fwd

Rally Fwd

Date: December 2020 (exact date TBA)

Ticket price: Free

Rally Fwd is a virtual conference hosted by Rally Recruitment Marketing. The event occurs twice per year, in May and December, and is free to attend. Each virtual conference contains expert guidance on Recruitment Marketing topics along with useful tactics to improve your hiring strategy. This may be one of the best recruiting conferences to keep your eyes on, as it further analyses the post-COVID-19 workplace and how it affects talent acquisition.

Final words

HR Conferences and expos have seen massive growth in popularity over the last few years. Unfortunately, due to the recent lockdown, many events were canceled or moved to other dates.

In this article, we listed the latest dates of all the talent acquisition conferences that occur in the second half of 2020. Keep in mind that the dates and locations may be subject to change. Therefore, make sure to check the website of the organization to receive the latest news and remain informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions related to the talent acquisition conferences we mentioned above, make sure you check out the following questions and answers.

Are recruiting seminars offered by all conferences?

Before visiting the recruitment conference of your choice, you will be able to see the agenda on their dedicated portal or website. Most events will come with industry-specific seminars that aim to increase your knowledge in the field. For example LinkedIn Connect conference has its own training on the different methods you can use to attract top talent. Of course, this is not true for all conferences - therefore make sure you do your due diligence beforehand.

Is any of the above options a dedicated recruiting trends conference?

From all the options above, there are a handful of events that are specifically aimed to educate attendees about upcoming trends in the recruitment market. HR Technology Conference & Expo (nr. 7) is the most relevant option when it comes to this list. This recruiting conference is rather pricey but aimed towards the improvement of HR practises and systems of large organizations. This, in turn, helps companies save money and adapt on upcoming trends. It is, therefore, a good idea to check it out.

What is the difference between a sourcing recruiting conference and a normal recruiting event?

When comparing the two terms, one could say that recruiting is a broad term that refer to the practise of attracting, screening, and interviewing potential candidates. On the other hand, sourcing is a small subsection of the prior. “Sourcing” is pretty similar to “scouting”. You are essentially seeking out talent in the market by proactively looking to their work and reaching out for a potential interview. Sourcing as a practise is more popular with tech companies where good talent is hard to find. As such, most recruiting conferences in 2020 have at least some seminar or keynote about the improvement of such practices.

Why should I visit a strategic talent acquisition conference?

Early-stage startups are often “stuck” when it comes to their hiring processes. This is especially true for companies that do not yet have a dedicated HR manager. As such, the task of finding, interviewing and hiring new employees should be seen much like any other tasks you undertake - you need a well-researched plan, and the right resources to execute it. This is why we showcase the best recruiting conferences in 2020. By visiting the event and gaining all the value it has to offer, you will get a better understanding of the steps and practices that will help you hire the right people for the work that needs to be done.

Many 2020 recruiting conferences are now virtual. Will it be the same in 2021?

We have briefly explored the conference scene for the upcoming year, to prepare updates for this article. Up to this moment, most recruitment conferences will be hosted in real life, allowing all attendees to gain the most from the experience. In some occasions (events early in the year) it may be so that a conference chooses a date later in the year, to decrease the possibility of cancellations. Only in rare occasions do we already see pre-planned virtual conferences.

Tech recruiting conferences 2020 - Which are the best from this list?

The answer to this question will, of course, depend on you location and budget. If travelling is an option, and budget is rather flexible, you should definitely consider visiting the following events:

  1. LinkedIn Talent Connect
  2. RecFest 2020
  3. Sourcing Summit conference