We develop digital products

Our core competence is building functional software with great focus on outstanding UX and design. Data architecture, analysis, interfaces and APIs are in our DNA.

Learn, build, measure, and learn again... non stop.

Building like a startup

Our iterative development cycles are applied by lean startups. Let's build a clear and awesome MVP. Validate your concept with a product that everybody understands in seconds. Rapidly discover if a business model is viable! Add functionality when users ask for it, or when your product sells well. We don't over-engineer!

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Iteration is the key

  • Ideation

    Our team adds external perspective and experience to your idea. Together we deep-dive into the market and identify a clear consumer need.

    We build mock-ups and prototypes to test a hypothesis, and your value proposition’s positioning and the best user experience.

  • Building

    Our core expertise is data and development of user friendly software.

    We create an awesome minimum viable product which is integrated into your data architecture. The MVP helps you to verify your hypothesis and through iterations becomes the base for your future product.

  • Traction

    A new product only becomes valuable when it starts to create traction (users and revenue).

    We know the tricks to get your product up and running in the market. We constantly growth hack and improve the it for a better user experience.