Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Co-working spaces are often viewed as the perfect environment to materialize your startup ideas. They provide work-ready amenities and office infrastructure for a fraction of the price you would pay to rent out a whole office. All of this without the obligations of lengthy and expensive contracts.

They can also be a great way to boost productivity for freelancers struggling to work from home. With remote work becoming more popular, the usage of coworking spaces is bound to become a hub of innovations and network opportunities.

For this reason, we created a list of the best coworking spaces worldwide. We discuss their benefits, distinct features as well as the monthly pricing for their basic rental plan. This should help you find out which one can suit your business model best.

Let’s get started.

Why you should use a co-working space

Many startups have begun their journey in a co-working space, with Uber, Spotify, and Instagram being some of the most successful ones. This is because the best coworking space has the means to provide numerous benefits and opportunities for beginner entrepreneurs.

Best co working spaces - Benefits to consider

There are many reasons for which you might want to work from a co-working space. Here are three of them:

1. Cost-friendly

Saving money can make a considerable difference when starting a new business. Co-working spaces allow you to do this by providing you with top-level utilities, high-speed internet, furniture and office materials for an all-inclusive price.

2. Flexible

Co-working is also very flexible. First, you won’t have to sign up for a lengthy lease or expensive internet subscription. You can rent an office for a day or a month, whichever suits your needs.

Also, once you decide you want to move on, there’s no need for tedious red-tape such as canceling subscriptions or giving multiple months of prior notice.

Furthermore, you can add desks and offices as your team grows. You can also reduce them freely if you need to cut down on costs and decide to manage your team remotely.

Finally, many co-working office providers have multiple facilities within a city or even around the world. This makes moving around your office quite convenient, in case you need to relocate to another part of town.

3. Networking and business opportunities

In addition to helping you save some money, the best coworking spaces can help you open up business opportunities.

The people sharing the office might become potential clients and synergize with your business model. Furthermore, they can refer you to their own clients if they receive a request for a type of work that you can handle but they can’t.

With all that said, let’s delve into our list.

Best coworking spaces in Europe

The following coworking spaces are located in European countries but accommodate entrepreneurs from all over the world.

1. Betahaus - Barcelona (Spain)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: 179€/month

Betahaus is one of the oldest co-working companies on the old continent and has offices all around Europe. While you can also find Betahaus in Berlin, Hamburg, Sofia, and Tirana, we chose to include the Barcelona subsidiary in our list of best coworking spaces.

The reason for this is that when it comes to a productive atmosphere, nothing comes close to Betahaus Barcelona. Workers can choose one of the 4 different floors, and even work outside on one of the terraces, enjoying the view of the beautiful city while on the job.

  • The incredible, bright atmosphere, with the option to work outdoors when the weather allows it.
  • Flexible rental plans that can accommodate freelancers and smaller teams as well as growing businesses and startups.
  • Regular community events and a community kitchen to broaden your network.

2. B. Building Business - Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: 250€/month

B. Building Business offers a luminous and varied working space built to seamlessly accommodate part-time and full-time workers, at affordable prices. The co-working space thrives to build an inclusive ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

With its 40.000 sqm of office space, it is considered to be one of the biggest incubation areas in Europe, just 30 minutes from the Amsterdam city center.

  • Customizable private offices and extra perks such as free coffee, access to gym courses, and the rooftop terrace with its own vegetable garden.
  • Regular digital and in-person events of disruptors in the tech industry.
  • Strong emphasis on community, which allows for better networking between the users of the premises.

3. Patchwork - Paris (France)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: 550€/month

Patchwork accommodates over 500 workers each day in six different facilities all over Paris. While the monthly price might seem a bit steep, consider that a renting 50m2 office in Paris costs over 1500€/month on average.

In addition to shared and private offices, Patchwork also provides users with meeting rooms and 24/7 access to your rented working space.

  • Great accessibility with 6 different offices all around Paris, extremely suitable for nomad entrepreneurs.
  • A mix of modern and vintage offices, catering to everyone’s taste in different working atmospheres.
  • Strong ex-pat userbase, allowing for increased international networking.

4. The Farm - New York City (USA)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: $349/month

The Farm has three distinct offices in the heart of New York, built in a distinctive, “barn” style with wooden floors, walls, and furniture. The collaborative and immersive environment makes it one of the best coworking spaces where designers, developers, and entrepreneurs converge to share ideas.

  • The farm is located in the heart of SoHo, one of the hippest districts in Manhattan, close to major subway lines for accessibility.
  • A rarity in shared office spaces, the Farm is pet-friendly, great for workers that can’t leave their companion alone during the day.
  • Multiple community events designed to help beginner entrepreneurs on their road to success.

5. Galvanize - San Francisco (USA)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: $250-550/month

Galvanized is situated in the heart of the tech hub of the San Francisco bay area, together with a good part of the local tech ecosystem. It’s an ideal co-working space where start-ups can meet up and begin to take their collaboration to the next level.

  • Very affordable and flexible membership, considering the astronomical office rental prices in the SF bay area.
  • Possibility to enroll in full-time or part-time software development boot camps on campus.
  • Numerous extra perks, such as wellness rooms, mentor network, and dedicated bike storage.

6. Workplace One - Toronto (Canada)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: C$500/month

Workplace one has seven offices in Toronto, providing excellent accessibility across the entire city. The company provides a wide array of solutions such as private offices, team suites, and dedicated desks.

  • High-quality offices with a beautiful, modern design that fosters productivity.
  • Incredible versatility in the offerings, and many additional perks included in the basic plan such as reception services and a fixed mailing address.

Best coworking spaces in Asia

Digital nomads tend to prefer warmer locations. These are usually located in Asian countries. If you plan on visiting the continent consider visiting the following coworking spaces.

7. The Hive - Bangkok (Thailand)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: $160/month

The Hive is a co-working space chain with dozens of offices all across Asia-Pacific. The Thonglor branch of the Hive is a stylish and light-filled coworking space situated in the heart of Bangkok. The flagship office proposes 5 floors of versatile office solutions such as hot desks, private offices, meeting rooms, topped off with a rooftop lounge and cafe.

  • A thriving community that regularly organizes cross-cultural workshops, helping nomad workers feel right at home.
  • The affordable plans and perfect location in the heart of the business center of Bangkok make it an easy choice as the best coworking space in Thailand.

8. Ministry of New - Mumbai (India)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: $270/month

With its beautifully designed and functional offices, The Ministry of New is considered one of the best coworking spaces in India. Situated on the second floor of a Victorian-era house, offices have been adapted to accommodate all types of workers.

  • Great location in South-Mumbai, one of the poshest areas and home to the best restaurant and shops in the city.
  • The various settings for different work moods - a quiet zone in the Gallery, the creative greenery of the Courtyard, or the informal Library to meet new clients.
  • Promotional events that provide a networking springboard to the members of the coworking space.

Best coworking spaces in Africa

The African continent is also becoming a hub of innovation and remote work. The following co-working spaces are very popular and worth a visit.

9. Urban Station - Cairo (Egypt)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: $150/month

Urban Station is a network of co-working with offices present all across the globe. The Cairo branch conserves the unique design of the brand. It also follows the company motto, providing top-notch services and amenities, making it one of the best coworking spaces in Egypt.

  • The clean and simple working atmosphere, which helps bolster productivity and creativity.
  • Free-to-use bicycles for workers to relax and take a tour of the city while looking for inspiration.
  • Flexible hourly plans for each one of the services offered by the facility.

10. Workshop 17 - Cape Town (South Africa)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: $250/month

The Workshop 17 is an acclaimed chain of coworking offices present in all major cities in South Africa. The Cape Town modern facilities are situated at the waterfront of the city, with a clear view of the Atlantic ocean.

The offices are designed with the particular goal to provide an environment for the collaboration of individuals towards their goal to success.

  • Users can opt-in for a “nomad” plan which enables them to access all of the different facilities across the city for a small fee.
  • Enterprise solutions for larger companies that want to continue their business journey within the coworking context.
  • “White box solutions” for companies that wish to conserve their branding and furniture.

Best coworking spaces in South America

If you’re located (or planning to visit) South America, make sure you check out the following coworking destinations:

11. La Maquinita - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: $150/month

La Maquinita offers some of the best coworking spaces on the South American continent. Spread out in 7 different locations across the Argentinian Capital, this company provides excellent accessibility paired with contemporary design and practical office layouts.

  • Provides over 1000 working spaces across all facilities.
  • A huge community that focuses on promoting the projects that come out of the Maquinita incubator.
  • Flexible plans, ranging from 10 days/month to full corporate offices.

12. Impact Hub - São Paulo (Brazil)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: Get a quote

Impact Hub is one of the largest global networks of coworking spaces, spread over 100 locations in 50 different countries. Operating since 2007, their facilities in Brazil provide high-quality coworking and event venues to nomad entrepreneurs.

  • Community app and networking plan allowing users to connect with coworkers all around the world.
  • Hub School, where workers can sign up for marketing and software development classes.
  • Hub Accelerators, designed to promote companies within the Impact Hub ecosystem.

Best coworking spaces in Australia and New Zealand

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the best coworking spaces for Aussies and Kiwis:

13. BizDojo - Auckland (New Zealand)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: NZ$150/month

BizDojo is a nation-wide coworking company found in 2 major New Zealand cities, Auckland and Wellington. It’s the largest coworking provider in the country, offering a mix of traditional offices and collaborative incubators, set in beautiful and contemporary facilities.

  • The offices are situated in the heart of Auckland’s North Shore. This provides a blend of beach-style lifestyle with progressive businesses ideal for a modern working environment.
  • Regular business and startup meetup events organized by BizDojo.
  • Showers on-site for those that wish to take a swim in the ocean during the day or come to work by bicycle.

14. YBF Ventures - Melbourne (Australia)

Best Co-working Spaces From Around The World

Price: A$700/month

YBF Ventures is one of the most famous tech hubs in Australia. Home to more than 500 daily workers, their coworking spaces can be found in two Australian cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Check out the virtual tour of their superb offices in the video below.

  • The YBF Melbourne branch is home to government-backed fintech, lawtech, and Web 3.0 hubs.
  • Corporate and investor introductions, mentoring, and support for more effective networking within the workplace.
  • Additional member perks including discounts at local restaurants and hardware and software rebates.

Wrapping up

Coworking spaces are a convenient starting point for entrepreneurs that don’t want to go through the hassle of opening their own office just yet. They reduce operational costs while simultaneously leading to new business opportunities.

When selecting the best coworking space, make sure it provides some of the following essential features:

  • Flexible prices in correlation with the region where it’s situated.
  • Great Location.
  • Good community and effective networking.
  • Pleasant working atmosphere.
  • Essential office equipment.
  • Bonus office amenities.

Hopefully, our list of best coworking spaces has highlighted some of these and gave you a good idea of what to look for when choosing one for yourself.