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coara is a startup building agency. We get frequently contacted by founders who have a great team and a great idea, but they still lack some ingredient to be able to build a product and thrive. This is where coara comes into play as an agency. Some of these founders and ideas are so outstanding though, that we want to have them in our coara incubator.

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Why coara incubator



Building companies is our passion. We want you to succeed. Your growth story is our motivation.



We can complete your team with the skills that you are lacking or where you just don’t have enough resources to act quickly and build and launch fast.

How we work

When we believe your business model works we go on a 3 months journey together

We invest anywhere between 20-50k in form of a convertible loan into your company

The loan is used to create an MVP as well as marketing and sales efforts to test and validate your idea. The coara startup builder complements your existing team. So if you have a great idea but no limited developmemt and UX capacity we talk to your users together and create your UX and UI and build your first product. To get traction we help you with marketing an sales.

What we do

  • - Our marketing and sales teams and our network will help you to get traction even before you build your MVP. We only invest in products that sell.
  • - We can create your market potential analysis.
  • - Once we know that you solve a real problem, we focus 100% on your user’s experience. Whatever you need from our team to get it right is at your disposal.
  • - Our developers are fast and efficient and work with modern frameworks. If you want to outsource all or parts of your development we are there for you.
  • - Within 3 months you have a running MVP which you are testing in the market to get feedback on the product and on actual sales numbers.
  • - We can build and execute your SEO / content strategy and blog, or advise you on it.

Other Benefits


We are truly remote and local at the same time. We have been digital nomads. And we have found the best place for us to build a company in Europe: Estonia - The first country with an e-residency.


If you decide to follow our footsteps we support you with the company setup and legal / accounting stuff. Also with getting a bank account from a digital provider. Of course this is optional, you should set up your company wherever it best fits your business.

How we choose founders to become part of the coara incubator

We focus on second time founders and complement their team / needs with our knowledge. We also work with first time founders if they have a real problem which they want to solve for themselves and where it is credible that not only themselves but many others have this problem. It is of great benefit if you can prove interest from potential customers. Our core expertise is around UX and prodct / software development, so your team should be short of ressources in that area to be a good fit. We are based mostely in Europe, so chances are that we can help you better with market access if you are here. But we are also digital nomads and happy to help people who live the same philosophy.


Scaleway Cloud Credit (European AWS Challenger)

Send In Blue Credit (European Sendgrid Challenger)

Pipedrive Credit (Focus on selling, not on using a tool - Brought to you from Estonia)

Crisp - The perfect chat for lead generation and customer service - Made with love in France

Typeform - Leads, leads, leads, right into pipedrive (Made in Barcelona)

Figma the Design & UX Tool

Hotel Curolla on an Med Island for your launch workshop

Seed Legals to get your legal stuff right and to be prepared for investment

Our Partners

Depending on what industry you are in we actively encourage you to join an industry specific accelerator, to get you the relevant network.
Some partners we work with:

  • - Yachting Ventures - For Boat Industry Related Startups
  • - Decelera - For Sustainable Startups
  • - Mallorca Startups - Local Entrepreneur Group in the Med
  • - Sunshine Embassy - your co-living space

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We'll ask you ten questions, including your company presentation. We get back to you generally within one week if we see a product fit for the incubator.

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