Creation of a Point of sales and end user applications for OCM loyalty platform.

Convercus / Outlet City


POS App for loyalty platform


The POS application is installed at cash registers of retail stores and asks clients to scan their loyalty card at each transaction. It is also installed as service station where clients can check their status, rewards and benefits.

The USER application is designed for the store's clients and coantains the loyalty program for the end user (QR code, rewards, news, shopping, ...)

We have created a set of modern Ionic/Angular Apps which run as Progressive Web App on desktop or mobile devices, or as compiled apps on Android and iOS

All apps are connected with the convercus backend via REST APIs and connections for immediate interaction. The user apps further support push notifications. The POS app can connect with ticket printers

By using typescript and classes the app is completely customizable for each store or loyalty program.

Devices are managed centrally through socket connections and device managemet software.

Convercus / Outlet City
Convercus / Outlet City
Convercus / Outlet City