A simple-to-use tailor-made smartphone application designed for marine engineers, captains and owners, and operators

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Plan M8

Yacht maintenance software


Planned maintenance for yachts made easy. Plan M8 is specifically modeled for individual vessels, sail, or power. It provides a comprehensive and structured task-based scheduling of all required, recommended, and manufacturer-specific planned maintenance tasks of a vessel’s components.

We found this project of superyacht engineer and co-founder Chris Clarke so exciting, that it is the first one to enter the coara incubator.

The aim was to create a “Trello for boat maintenance”. We have simplified what is highly technical into an app that runs on the engineer’s mobile phone. A boat is structured in systems that have components. Each component has planned maintenance tasks that are triggered by date or operation hours. A clever calendar view helps in the day to day operation, a logbook creates transparency. Are you interested to become an early adopter? Just sign up on the Plan M8 web.

planm8 Web
planm8 Web