We developed an App and tool that using algorithms detects bottlenecks and opportunties of improvement to optimize business and improve performance.

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Wow Family

Networking App & tool that uses algorithms to optimize services industry businesses


The Community of successful Hairstylists in Germany Our Mission: Empowering hairstylists to get more out of their salons and their lives. We help to gain more customers, increase profits, and have more leisure time.

The idea behind this tool was to create a network that can provide added value besides connecting businesses from the same sector. By providing tools and resources that serve to optimize business thanks to shared knowledge and technology, WoW family aims to provide holistic solutions for the service industry. Also by being involved in the network, the business ensures visibility and compliance of quality standards.

Imagine having access to the experience and knowledge of the most successful hairsalons in Germany. Learn more in Wowfamily.de.

wow family web
wow family web